Name OTALA is a typical but unique Finnish family name, where OTA means spike, thorn, sword or spear, and the ending LA signifies a place
where something exists or can be found. The name was invented in 1963, and was subsequently registered/protected for the sole use of the family. Family corporation, Otala, Inc., Helsinki, owns the rights to the name, which has been registered as a trademark in the USA and in Japan.
The father of Matti Otala was Niilo Lehto, M.Sc. (Eng.), Managing Director of a large building conglomerate, Cyclop Ltd. He was son of Oskari V. Lehto, founder and owner of a supermarket chain in Northern Finland in 1905-35. The mother of Matti Otala was Annikki Lehto, born Junnelius, a lawyer at the Ministry of Education.
Her ancestors can be traced back to Henrik Junnelius, Archbishop of the North (i.e., Finnish and Swedish Lapland), who died in 1639.



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